book review: Sweet and Deadly by Charlaine Harris

Once more I have opened this early novel by a talented author we all know and love. While Ms Harris is better known for True Blood, she has written many other works.

This book was originally published over thirty years ago and you can see this as you read it. With her usual deft paintbrush, Ms Harris brings us into a small town in the deep south. With all the divisions found in those old days. From quiet sexism and racism and even classism we have a story dealing with murder. Not for sexism or racism or classism but for a secret. A secret that would undermine an old family and its reputation.

Modern readers might find the reason behind the murders something they would not understand for many things that were more than shameful thirty plus years ago do not exist in our perception today. A disease that few would understand now was a big thing at the time this was set. I had not realized that it would be illegal at one time.

A great book and a good place to show that good writing is good writing no matter how long ago a book was written.


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