Movie review: Silk

Over the weekend I DVRed a couple of movies to watch while my daughter was in school. One of them was Silk.  This quiet and slow moving film was quite lovely. Staring Kiera Knightly is was yet another period piece for the queen of period films.

Set in the 1860s this film is told from the male protagonist’s POV and deals with a young man who comes home on leave and meets the lovely Elaine. Speaking with one of the towns predominate businessmen he is convinced to leave the military and take up the silk trade. Now like most I believed that silk was made in China and Japan and then sent on to Europe to be made into fashion. But this film teaches that there actually was a strong trade going in silk worms. They were from Africa, china and of course Japan.

Due to a sickness the silk worms purchased from Egypt and China were no viable so he was sent to Japan. The vistas in this movie were quite lovely and it was an interesting look into the difficulties of both travel to Japan and how foreigners were dealt with. A sad love triangle ended up with the hero losing both women he loved. One to the internal strife in Japan during that time, the other to a wasting sickness in France.

Not my normal fare for movie watching but it was a nice change from the usual intensity of period dramas. This movie was slow in a languid way yet heart touching. worth watching on a quiet afternoon



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