Short story review: Hixton by William Kent Krueger

This short story is a part of t he collection Crimes by Moonlight: Mysterie from the Dark.

Now I admit I got this because of Charlaine Harris. Like many of you I pick up books by names I recognize. But as I have found anthologies contain amazing stories from authors I have never read before.

The story, Hixton, is a very interesting take on the mystery. Written as an investigation into fur missing boys from years ago we are taken into a small farm in the deep mountains. We learn about the boys who went missing and slowly learn of the connections between them that were not apparent to those who were charged with finding the boys.

The author tells a tale with a deft understanding of pacing and how to put a surprise into the telling. I had not expected the reveal at the end and isnt that a part of the best storytelling? In the few pages this story took us through I found myself intrigued and then blinking with surprise and smiling by the end.

I will be looking forward to more from this talented author.


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