TV show review: BrainDead

At first I wasn’t sure about this show. A comedy about politics is not something I generally watch but if you add in a fun science fiction twist and I am willing.

Set during the recent government shutdown, this first episode gives us an interesting take on why things worked the way they did. A meteor crashes down and inside it are a bunch of insects that look like a type of ant. Overnight people change. Going from moderates who were willing to work together to the divisiveness we see today. And to make things interesting suddenly they all start listening to the Cars, “All I Want Is You.”

There are some elements that make this a science horror show. The insects invade the ear and push out what looks like a part of the brain. A sickly intriguing thing to see. When the scientist fights the insects, begging the medics to do something his head finally explodes. Adding that horror element that a lot of science fiction seems to need today.

This is only the first episode but it is interesting enough to watch more.


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