anime review: Angelic Layer

This is a repost from my old Live Journal account. As I get caught up I will post new anime reviews for all the series that I have been binging on since we found KissAnime.


Angelic Layer

What a game!

Another Clamp tale with lots of character. Take a young girl put her in a new home, living with her young aunt who is a TV personality and you could have a serious case of neglect here in the west but in Japan you add in a new game sweeping the country and you have Angelic Layer.

Design your own dolls or Angels meant for a competative game and add in a computer link that allows the Angels to move and even fight at their controllers every thought.

Misaki is a sweet young girl who isn’t confident and rather shy but groes as the show goes on. She has many surprises along the way. From the charactwes who turn out to be her parents, to the friends she makes along the way she grows up and into an understanding of herself.

This story is a good story for the whole family. The littlest of us may not sit and watch it but I know that most of the family will definatley enjoy this tale.


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