book review: Midnight Crossroad

This first book in the Midnight, Texas trilogy by the great southern Author Charlaine Harris is a fun romp into a different place.

Moving from the deep south of many of her other books, Ms Harris takes us to the town of Midnight, Texas. A small, almost sleepy place filled with some familiar and totally new characters. In this book we recognize Bobo Winthrop from Ms Harris’ Lily Bard series, Manfred from her Harper Connelly series and even the vampire Lemuel from her Sookie Stackhouse books (okay I don’t remember if he was in those but it helps cross over that series too. The only series I cant find a character from is her Aurora Teagarden series. I am sure there is someone but I haven’t figured it out.

But back to the review. This book has everything you expect from Ms Harris. Strong and unique characters, a good mystery and a bit of a surprise ending. I re-read this over the past week in a binge of reading s Harris’ work. I am so looking forward to see how it will be adapted for tv. While there is only three books we all know that one book can easily take a full season. And any story that have vampires, were tigers, witches, gay angels and of course a psychic is going to be fun right? It definitely was. I would recommend reading her other books before this one but you can easily just dive in to Ms Harris’ universe with this book. Just expect that you will want to read the rest of her collected works!


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