tv show review: Preacher

Those of us who are very into tv shows based on comic books are in heaven over the past few season. This spring we have a new batch of shows including this interesting and dark series.

Preacher is on AMC, a network that has a track record of taking darker fiction and turning it into great tv watching. In this series we have a man who returned to his small home town to fulfill a promise to his father to take up the cloth and become the town’s preacher. One time outlaw Jess Custer is not what you expect for a preacher. Once a hard drinking, hard fighting man he tries hard to be good and not violent. In the opening episode we see a number of priests blow up when entered by a force. From a Pentacostal minister in Africa, to a priest from a church of Satanists to an entire church of Scientology. When the force enters Jesse it finally finds the host it needed.

With an Irish vampire who has probably the best entrance of a character of any I have seen in all the shows I have watched, we have a fun side kick. The women of his past span the range from totally uptight and upright to a wild woman who goes around killing bad guys (we hope they are bad guys) and a cast of tertiary that are just plan fun, this series is off to a great start.

Dark with moments of beauty and hilarity any fan of comics should try this out.


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