book review: Irsud by Jo Clayton

In this, the third book, we have Aleytys awakening in slave pens, her son kidnapped by a crazy woman and her lover trying to convince her he will save. her. She uses whatever power it is she has to force him to find and save her son and to leave her in the pens to save herself. A great start.

She is then sold to be a living incubator for a insectoid queen. A neural inhibitor is placed in her body to stop her from using her abilities to remove the egg and our story begins. We meet the two dominate species of life on Irsud, the Nayid a human/insect type and the Hiiri a more humaniod like species. Aleytys must struggle to find friends and companions and to not be treated like a slave in this new world. This is a more technologically advanced world run by the Nayids who look down on the Hiiri and use them as slaves.

We are treated to Aleytys truly feeling she is on an alient world when she looks up to see a pale yellow sun. Her home world had two suns that were very intense and it seems washed out to her eyes.

Finally in this book we come to understand that inside the diadem that has bonded to her skull are three spirits. In the beginning they can only vaguely talk to her with images as they did in the last book. Here once the inhibitor is removed we finally get to meet the spirits. Swardhell, a blacksmith warrior, Shadith, a wordsmith and harper and Haskari, a mystic and strong psychic and the first spirit trapped in the diadem.

As before this book is fast paced, filled with drama, politics, religion, and a deep look into societies. A sweeping tale filled with love, loss, anger, regret and something more. A must read.


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