book review: Lamarchos by Jo Clayton

In this second book in the series Aleytys has left the surface of her home world with the star thief, Miks and a crew of spacemen heading to a world where they expect to commit a robbery. Another pastoral world, with a culture that is both like and very different from the one she grew up in.

We are introduced to the world spirits, a sentience that has plans for the psychic Aleytys. Plans that her companions do not agree with. We watch as our heroine grows into motherhood. When a small and furry companion is introduced, known as a Speaker or the voice  through which a Gineka speaks to the spirits, her cover is set.

There is a lot of termoil brewing under their group. Maissa, the head of t his group is a very messed up woman with desires and designs that are a bit twisted. Damaged at some point in her life, she demands to be in charge which can not work with the cover needed on this world.

The twists and turns and look into how a non technological culture deals with a highly advanced alien culture on their world is interesting. How Aleytys manages to control her situation and slowly learn just what is expected of her and how to deal with those of different cultures. A fine read all around.



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