book review: Maeve by Jo Clayton

Aleytys has come to understand her increasing powers and has started her journey back to her home world. She is questing back to her home to find out if her son is safe. One stop along the way is the world Maeve.

In this book we come to see how the Corporations really run this part of space. Stepping off a smuggle’s ship, Aleytys works out a deal to be escorted across the face of Maeve to reach this planet’s star street, where star ship captains can be paid to take her to another step toward her son.

We are quickly introduced to the two major races of this world and the star spanning Company that thinks they control the planet. There is a drug that the company wants because of its strong hallucinogenic properties and for some reason the company has decided that working with the natives is no longer necessary as they send harvestors into the deep forests and start kidnapping the young and strong of the plains dwellers.

Aleytys is a lynch pin for massive changes that will happen on the face of Maeve. With the three voices of the diadem she makes her way through a world ready to explode. Ms Clayton with this books starts telling two stories between one set of covers. The story of the people of the world and of Aleytys traveling and learning more about just who she will become.

We will meet furry people, skin people and many more. We will get our first look at a Hunter of Wolff and Aleytys takes steps into becoming a true daughter of Vryhh.


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