book review: Star Hunters by Jo Clayton

This firth book in the series has Aleytys finally moving on. She has left her son with his father on her home world and taken her training as a Hunter. Due to all the loss in her life she has unconsciously decided to pull away from outside relationships. Resting all her companionship needs on the three who share her head.

As readers we all know that a person needs at least one good friend. We find out that the three spirits have argued in their own existence where she could not hear and decided that they would pull back and no longer speak to her till she stop leaning on them and stood on her own two feet.

As can be imagined Aleytys fought and kicked but did not get her way. She was left to deal with her first actual hunt as a Hunter without the fall back of those three ancient souls and their understanding of her powers. We have a new set of people for Aleytys to interact with.  This time the race is a reptile offshot. Still compatible with human but with their own quirks. For the first time she is dealing with a people who both have very strong pyschic abilities and a very strong hate of those abilities.

The Fa-men are a back to basics type of fanatic that hates technology beyond the knife and fire. The hunt for those who can project their emotions and those who use guns or other advanced technology. They hunt them down, they burn them and then they EAT them!

On top of this Aleytys is brought in to find and stop the Hare Master who has been making the hares march across the face of the planet, eating everything in sight and leaving destruction in their wake. Like the humidids on the planet this creatures can project psychically and death follows them.

Add in the true source of the hare madness and this book is a major turning point. We finally get to meet another Vryhh and oh boy is he a piece of work. This book drags you from start to finish and get ready for a bumpy ride.


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