Tv show review: season six Game of Thrones

Last night the season finale of this show was broadcast. Filled with mind blowing scenes it was a fitting end to a season of crazy story telling. Overall this was the season of the woman on this show. From Cersei to Daenryis to Sthe next season will be anya and Ayia we have watched women become the center of change.

I started watching this series because of the dragons. I admit it. I am a nut for dragons. Nothing wrong with that. As the show went on the over arching story and the amazing sets, costumes and of course characters kept me watching. With this season I was panting in anticipation of each new episode.

The amazing finale had scenes that had me sitting there with my mouth hanging open. Cersie’s revenge on the High priest may have in the end back fired in a way she had not expected it did certainly give us a visual that will be remembered. The season had been leading up to a real problem with showing what happens when religious fanatics take over the seat of power in a country. This could have gone horribly dark in one way but as always this series moved in a totally different direction.

I dont want to give any major spoilers in this review but between learning just whose son John Snow really was to finding out who is now aligned with who and seeing the ships heading toward King’s Landing the next season has a lot of punch coming and a lot to live up to in this season. I can’t wait!


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