TV series review: Private Eyes

Now I am not sure if this is just a Canadian show or what but it is a fun one. Take a washed up hockey star/agent with a very smart and blind fourteen year old daughter mix with a hard nosed female private eye trying to live up to her father’s memory and you have a great show.

With a smooth mix of comedy and serious topics, banter and just a a tiny bit of sexual tension you have a show that I hope makes it past the first season.


2 thoughts on “TV series review: Private Eyes

  1. I think thw tv show ptivate eyes is totally crafted from the former tv show CASTLE. They just made a few changes to how the characters are but totally same.
    I fail to see the originality in it and an a bug tv fan.


  2. That could be said about most tv shows right now. There are only so many plot lines to be done. As a long time fan of Castle, yes I can see the similarities but I have also seen the differences. An American show versus a Canadian one gives a lot of differences in flavor and style. This show is fun. Therefore it is well worth a watch.


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