web show review: Day 5

The end of the world, part two

In this series made by Rooster Teeth the end of the world came while we were asleep. Okay to be honest the end of the world was that if you fell asleep you were dead. Most people died in their sleep but there are some who are still alive, using whatever ways they can to stay awake because no matter what, you fall asleep you are dead.

For the first live action show by this web series company this show is dark, serious and just plain amazing. I sat on the edge of my seat as I watched this. Yeah at times there was some outright silliness like you would expect from the company that made RedVSBlue and RWBY but it is still an amazing show.

So far there are three episodes up and if you can find this one, try it out. Having the end of the world come from a whimper is very interesting. And just so you know, humans this time are not the only ones affected.


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