Book review: The Hanged Man by PN Elrod

The latest book by this master of mystery and fantasy is a departure from her Vampire Files books of the past. Set in an alternative Victorian England we have a new and interesting take on a detective.

Alexandra Victoria Pendlebury is a forensic psychic reader in Her Majesty’s Psychic Service. She is called into crime scenes to Read the emotional residue left over. She can tell if the body found was a natural death, suicide or a murder. She is one of the young god daughters of the Queen of England.

Called in just before Christmas to check out a possible suicide, Alex quickly finds that this was a murder, a closed door one at that. And to make things worse is that while she has uncovered that it was a murder it wasn’t till she spoke to the manservent of the victim that she found out the hanged man that she had not truly looked at was in fact her own estranged father!

That is just the beginnings of the surprises that Alex encounters in her investigation. From a Sybil coming to her with a prediction, if she could only decipher it to a shape shifter and a Enchanted knight we have a lot of fun fantasy world to delve into and luckily this seems to be the beginning of a new series!


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