Book review: Skinwalker by Faith Hunter

In Skinwalker we are introduced to a new kind of shape shifter. The main character in this book is a Cherokee skinwalker, or a being who can take multiple forms. She is a rogue hunter, a vampire slayer that kicks butt before taking names.

Kick butt heroines are a staple in this genre, which is quite a departure from a lot of other fiction. While some trash talk the paranormal urban fantasy genre, I find it refreshing to have female leads who dont need a man. They fight and investigate and live lives that don’t center around finding love.

Not that Jane doesnt enjoy male company or checking out the male of any species. Her tendency to give the men in her life nicknames is rather interesting. As the series moves forward it becomes a mark of honor for the men

This is a good book, a great lead into a fun series of books.



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