TV show review: Hemlock Grove

Netflix has become one of the best places to look for new shows and this is one of the first original shows they did. Hemlock Grove is in many ways what you would expect for a YA or young adult drama. Lots of angst and brooding looks from handsome teenage males and bitchy comments from hot females, but unlike others there is an interesting story under it all.

In this fantasy/horror series we start with a murder of a hot young thing, much like you expect out of the horror hack and slash films that is so popular with this age group. But we see that the girl was torn apart by some type of animal while out to meet someone at the mini golf course and the theme is set.

Like most Netflix shows it starts out slow. It doesn’t really pick up till the middle of the first season. What makes me want to watch more of this series is the hints at just what the characters really are. From a Romany werewolf to a Upir or vampire to a sweet and silent fankenstienish girl, the main characters are at the same time deep and shallow.

The secrets that each and every character holds is what makes you want to watch this series. With only three seasons, this show is a good watch for those hot summer months.


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