TV show review: Dexter

Another older show that I decided to watch from the beginning. A show about a serial killer who only kills serial killers could have been bad all around. Thing is this show is quite good. From the police procedural side you get some interesting stories with a touch of funny added to them.

Another show that had a diverse cast of characters. An Asian forensic scientist, a latino detective who moves up in rank, an intense black detective, female characters who are not just token but strong and at times annoying.

The first season was all about the Ice Truck Killer and finding out that he was actually Dexter’s brother. The depth they went into showing us how he became who he was was a lot of fun to watch. In season two we have interesting characters come in and the hunter for the Bay butcher. Yup that is Dexter as they have found his dumping ground. Having a handy obsessive detective to put the blame on made the season finale a good one.

Now I am only part way through season three but now we are dealing with Dexter getting a more interesting personal life. In this season we are starting to see that Dexter is not the run of the miller serial. Attachments are supposed to be impossible for his type but he has attachments. This is making this series much more interesting.


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