TV show review: the 100

Now this show has been around for three seasons but I just found it. I remember it coming out but somehow I got the idea that this was something else.

A combination science fiction and end of the world tale. One hundred young people (yup the usual) are sent down to an Earth after a nuclear war. The space station that supposedly the last of humanity is living on is failing and these young people are sent down to see if it is possible to live on the surface again.

This show is an interesting take on the current wave of shows out there. Between the science fiction elements and the typical rebirth after the end of everything story lines we have some strong characters. And not just the young and sexy kids. We have Adults who have a clue of all kinds.Our main cast is filled with geeky looking kids, sexy kids (of course) We have Asians, Latinos, black, white. old and young. So far I haven’t seen any handicapped or other sexual orientations in the first season but I know that there are those who are complaining that a gay character was killed off at the end of season three. I will wait on commenting on that death till I see it, though from what I have read it seems that it wasnt cause she was gay but just what happens. In reality there are a lot of people who die randomly and that is just what happens. You dont need to have a really good and noble death for every character.

So far this show is giving me things to think about and interesting images to enjoy. It makes you want to watch the next episode which is what is important.

So far this is an intelligent show that has a diverse cast and episodes worth watching.


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