A commentary on end of the world shows

Now yes I have been doing reviews of individual shows here but after spending a while watching a bunch of different end of the world shows there are things that are starting to bug me.

One of the over all themes of course is lack of fresh food and supplies for the survivors. People fighting each other for canned goods and eating up fresh food as fast as they can so it doesn’t go bad. Now for some things that makes sense of course but really it bugs me.

While yes most people have no idea how to preserve things there will be those who have an idea how to preserve food. From the simplest thing of salting meat to canning fruits and veggies or drying or smoking fish there are plenty of ways to stretch food beyond normal expiration dates.

Somehow these shows, no matter where they are set, lose the fact that there are people who can do things the old fashioned way. We dont need microwaves and electricity to survive. Yeah it helps lots but we have to remember the world existed before we had power.

I have plans about writing a story that deals with after the fall of society. There are plenty of people living up here in the north who know how to make blankets out of yarn, clothing out of thread and how to fish. Hunting doesn’t need bullets or guns and trapping is something you learn fast if you have to.

While these shows have great stories they really need to show survivors who survive because they know how to, not because they have bigger and badder weapons and steal everything from those they slaughter. A large chunk of the world still makes their living by hand, why couldn’t those in first world countries?

Another thing that drives me nuts is the writers seem to think that winter will destroy you if you dont have modern equipment and oil/gas. What happened to burning wood, bundling up into warm clothing and sleeping everyone in one room? As someone who lived through the last big ice storm without heat for part of a week, I took my kids into the smallest room and all the blankets got piled on and we slept together. Same thing people did all over the north country in the old days. We are as a society so used to big houses with lots of windows and space that we forget that smaller can be both better and warmer.

Okay enough ranting about his stuff. I promise a series of reviews of books, youtube shows, tv shows, movies, music and whatever. Just got to gather my thoughts


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