TV show review: Mysteries of the Monuments

Or as it was first know |Monumental Mysteries is an addicting series from the Travel Channel. I started watching this because I was coming down with a head cold and really couldn’t settle on a drama. Well I was glad.

Generally this show has four vignettes that are walks through history of the US. From the very first episode they deal with everything from murder mysteries to possible psychics and small heroes that have monuments hidden away around the country.

Now anyone who knows me or reads my work knows I love this type of stuff. In fact I would love doing a walking tour to the small monuments that dot cities. The lost histories and mysteries are something that make great fodder for stories for me.

Each of these episodes have great little bits that catch the imagination and I would love seeing something like this made into a class for junior high level students. It would make them ibterested in something beyond the internet I bet.



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