TV show review: Blue Bloodstv

This show has been around for seven seasons now and The first episode of season seven made me decide to sit down and write a review. The first episode dealt with police violence and the repercussions. Now in today’s climate this is a tough subject to cover. They could pander to the current outrage all over the net and make this episode all about hate but they did something tricky.

Anyone who watches this series knows that it is about the Reagan family. A four generation family of police officers who have had to deal with the changes in NYC . This episode dealt with the reopening of a shooting that Danny Reagan had been cleared of by a new DA. It was quite obvious that the new DA has an agenda to ‘clean up’ the police force.

Now while this can be a good thing this case was one that I doubt would have gone the way this DA wanted. The man Danny shot and killed was a serial killer who had killed 22 woman, threatened Danny’s wife and kidnapped his niece. ¬†An admitted murderer who had stolen a police uniform and taunted Danny in a field with his hands behind his back.

As much as I am against guns and believe that yes there are way too many officer involved shootings, I dont believe every officer shooting people is wrong. This is definitely a case where the perp needed to be put down. Serial killers are not the same as other criminals and they need to be removed from the equation.



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