Tv show review: Longmire, season five

I’ve reviewed this show on my old livejournal account but well I was watching the third episode and I had to stop and write this. This season Longmire has really focused on the plight of the Cheyenne.

In the episode there has been a series of overdoses from Heroin that has been brought into the rez. A father ODs and we see what effects it has on his son. A very sad thing happens that is all too common on the reservations in the US. A child commits suicide because he can see no future.

In our modern world we  hear and see all about the justifiable  problems of the African American people but it seems like this is the only show that tries to bring forward the more than horrible conditions of life for t he first peoples of this continent. Drug and alcohol dependency, rape, homelessness, murder and missing women seems overwhelming yet it is never mentioned on the news.

As one of the very few westerns on TV that has succeeded in the past decade I am not surprised that they writers decided to do an episode like this. I salute the writers and producers of this show.



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