TV show review: Aftermath

Well Syfy is at it again. New fun series are popping up this month and this one is a doozy. Yup another end of the world show but with a twist.

This time we don’t just have one thing taking us down. Nope we have massive storms, we have a viral plague turning people into nut jobs, we have meteors falling from the sky and just for fun we have Skinwalkers jumping into and out of bodies. The world has gone to hell in a hand basket and oh boy is it fun!

Now take your normal family, twist up the roles a bit. Mom is a former fighter pilot, Dad is a professor of religions and anthropology, add in a older son who isn’t quite an adult yet, twin daughters who are very different yet seem connected and you are ready.

One of the daughters get kidnapped by a skin walker and the rest of the family head off into the wide crazy world to find her. What could go wrong? Well everything of course! Watch this show for a thrill ride, if you are up to a lot of crazy monster madness


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