tv show review: Luke Cage

Netflix has done it once more. As a fan of all things comic book and in particular Netflix take on them, I was expecting a lot. Like most Netflix shows it started out a bit slow and built to quite a climax. Meant to be binged watched, this show had all the punches needed to keep me watching.

There were tons of references to the other shows and what has gone done in the movie universe even. Set, I believe, before Avengers Civil War, this had a lot of little bits about various things that a true fan would either laugh at or cheer about.

A mostly black cast was to be expected for this very hero. Harlem is of course the place we all think of for Black culture, music and style. The city itself is in fact a part of this series. The thing t hat made me, as a whiter than fish belly white woman, is that it wasn’t trashing other races. Yes it showed just how bad race relations are and have become but it had moments of pure understanding . Of people helping people and just being people, not racist idiots.

The mixing of current story and past was well handled and filled in the backstory that a writer like myself longs for. I havent read the comics that these series are based on (working on it now) but they are all amazing. Can honestly say I am looking forward to the next two series and I am sure the continuity will not suffer


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