tv show review: Westworld

As usual HBO has hit it out of the park with its first Science fiction/Western cross over. This series is a modern re-imagining of the classic movie Westworld. Tossing between the clearly western elements of the theme park itself to the very high tech science fiction elements of the complex running the park, this show is slick and fun to watch.

When I had watched the original movie way back when I was of course amazed at the take of the andriod man in black played by Yul Brenner what both hypnotic and scary. This new take on the classic tale has switched thing up.

With a handsome young man riding the train in the opening that at first we do not realize is just another android to the man in black actually being a human being, this show has changed dynamics. A much darker take in fact to this all ready dark tale.

I was very pleased with this opening episode and am looking forward to the next with bated breath.



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