Xbox game review: Skyrim or oh god what have I become

Yup I have become one of those oeople who spend way too much ti e playing a game. I was given the Eldet Scrolls: Skyrim for my birthday. At first I was not sure. After all I am not a great gamer. Yes I have played games on the xbox before but it has been a few years.

Well as I am sure you know this very adictive game reached up and wrapped me into its ever loving rmbrace. I have spent a good part of the last two months play this infinitely changi g and challenging game and I have yet to finish the main quest.

You see it has a special engine that gives you a huge amount of side quests and miscellaeous tasks to do. Which takes yoy all over. I was lucky enough that my hubby git the special addition that included all three expansuons.

I have finished the Dawnguard, which is where you fight vampire. I have enjoyed the Hearthfire exoansion which allows yoy to build houses. But so far  I have only touched on the Dragonborn quest.

You see in these world you are the dragonborn. Dragons have returned to the world and you are meant to slay them ir si the story says. With the Dragonborn expansion you develope at some pint the ability to call, control and ride dragons! And no I havent done that yet.

So my revuew us thus, if you still have a xbix360 and like me enjoy RPG type games, single player games, then get it but be prepaed to lose yourself for hours, day, weeks ir even months in the lovely world. Now i fund mysekf wanting the previoys games. After all this us the fifth game. There are two pre ious game for the 360 and then the are two for the comouter…I wonder if I have a computer that could play Daggerfall.


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