Movie review: Logan

As what is the final installment of the Hugh Jackman Wolverine movies a lot was expected of this film. I can hknestly say it delivered. Filled with dark moments, stirrung music and if course the trademark action this film culdnt go wrong. Dealing with a Professor X who is losing control of his amazing mind powers and a Wolverne whose super healing is failing we get a gritty and true to heart take on the end of belived characters. We see what could happen when overnment and big money and science get in bed with each other to both stop the so called mutant menance and build a better soldier. The inhumanity of ehat was done to the children is only ver shadowed by what was done to the genetic donors they were cloned from.

Seeing Logan go from the tired washed up man to the true hero he always was was a treat. While his young ‘daughter, was a clone of him, seeing him come to terms that in a way he was a father and him giving his life to protect the young mutants was the perfect final ca to a story arc years in building. Always a fan favorite, this is hiw a heto goes out. More than a worthy entry into the suoer heto films.


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