TV movie review: A Dash of Love

Yup another romantic movie. Okay I am weeks late for Valentine’s day but I am happily binging.

Now this little film has a pair of young chefs. One worked for years at a good old fashioned diner before it closed, the other is a classically trained chef working for a famous chef. Both want to stretch their wings, introduce the world to the flavors they have developed. The diner chef gets a job as an assistant at the resturant of the famous chef.

Fun twist is that the famous chef’s food has become quite stale and when she catches the diner chef playing in the kitchen she tries her foid. Of course it is amazkng and like all good villians she tells her assistant to go ahead and cook at night but not to tell anyone and then she steals her recipes. What you expect happens but this fun little romantic movie has a lot of heart. The perfect watch for an easy valentine’s afternoon.


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