Tv movie review: Framed for Murder: a Fixer upper Mystery

Anyone who follows my blogs knows that i have a guilty pleasure, reading cozy mysteries. Well Hallmark has been doing movies based on a lot of the best cozy mysteries series of books out there. Now I havent yet had a chance to read the books this one is based on but i can tell you the movie is worth watching. Staring the multitalented Jewel as a woman running her own refurbishing business. Like the contractors we all know, she takes older homes and brings them back to the beauty they once had. 

Like all cozy mysteries she stumbles into the murder, this time of a dear friend and digs a bit deeper than the police (sorry about the pun) with plenty of ups and downs, a touch of romance and of course a required song by the star, this movie hits the spot for fans of the genre. The first in a new series of films from the Hallmark murder and mysteries division it has great pacing, snappy dialog and best yet a good story. Enjoyable for sure.


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