Tv movie review: Love at First Glance

Another Halmark Valentine’s day type movie. Hallmark has come a long way from the cliches of the past. In this movie we have a feature writer for a smaller paper trying to convince the editor of a bigger, more prestiegious paper to hire her. She is in a bland relationship with a car dealer and well you can imagine the life just isnt exciting. When her boyfriend breaks up with her because she isnt exciting she is lost. On the train home she is eating the dessert he ordered for her before he brokeup with her and she notices a man looking at her. When he leaves his phone on the train by accident she tries to return it. When she looks inside she finds a set of amazing photos and her life takes a new direction. She contacts the man who is a photo journalist and he agrees to let her write an article about him. Though since he is out of the country he recommends she talk to the people on his contact list. We are then taken on an adventure as she learns his story and how she grows through the experience. A truly heartfilled movie. Lots if little laughs, sad bits and plenty if awwww moments. A feel good movie, just like yoy would expect from Hallmark.


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