Tv show review, netflix: Iron fist

Okay I have made comments on social media on this show but I figured I should do a full review here.

Now a lot if early reviewers panned this saying it was the worst of the four. Well they were wrong. All the complaints about casting the lead as a white guy is a tempest in a teacup. The character was a white guy for many many years. But I am not here to talk reverse predjudice and character continuity.

Like all the Netflix Marvel shows it starts a little slow but it is needed with this lessor known character. Once the main back story is filled in we get to the meat of the story. From the very nuanced characters to the interesting twists on just who is the bad guy. The fight scenes were great to watch, less pure brute force and more finesse. With some real martial arts and sword play it felt like a good movie.

As always with Netflix binging this show is a must. I definitely enjoyed this and cant wait to watch the Defenders.


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