Anime Review: Chobits

Just how human can a robot be?

Imagine on your very first day in the big city you find a beautiful girl lying in the trash naked. After you picked yourself back up and you got a good look you realized this wasn’t a murder victum but an abandoned personacon or very human robot, well what would you do? Our hero, Hideki, takes her to his rooming house and turns her on. From there the story grows.

Chii is the childlike woman that many men dream of. Sweet and willing, everything she does seems focused on her new owner. But the real story is the understory told through a series of stories written into a children’s book. Chii is more than anyone knows.

A good story for adults and mature kids. While nothing in the story would scare a younger child this reviewer thinks it isn’t really for the kiddies but anyone from puberty up will enjoy.


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