Anime Review: Cowboy Bebop

Space cowboys crossed with bounty hunters

With a ship constantly needing repairs, a crew of misfits and a need for money the crew of Bebop go from one madcap adventure to anther in the search for money.

Not a comedy really, this show is set in the steamy underbelly of the world like many of the space based animes. Our hero is the slick, suave exgangster who somehow brings together a ragtag bunch to keep the stories moving along. With a femfatale, an excop who has a mean way with a noodle, a kid who is so smart she is scary and fun little dog there is someone for everyone.

At first glance the team doesnt look like it would work but oh it definately does. Each episode deals with something in the past of at least one of the characters. A refreshing change from too many transforming robots and magical girls.

Pretty much your old style gumshoe stories told in space these stories are good for the adult anime fan. While I am sure the teenage fan can find things to enjoy I think the younger fans might just give this a pass. The stories while not too violent or to adult are just a bit too complicated for kids who havent hit highschool yet.


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