Final Blog post for today

I know, I posted a lot today but there are just so many reviews I never posted up or posted on social media accounts that well, no one sees! So you will be getting a lot more. When I went through my backlogged reviews I noticed I had so very many that never made it up on a page. I will try to do only so many each day till I get them all up.

Now something else I will be doing is pulling all my book reviews from the various places I have done them and posting them up on this blog. That means paperbacks and hardcovers I have had for ages, ebooks that I reviewed in various places and heck maybe even audiobook reviews.

Also there will be reviews for that wonderfully diverse media known as fan fiction. Many of you might wonder why but I have found a lot of very good fan fiction out there and the stories deserve to be read by others.

Also as time permits I will be going back over all the music I have and reviewing both songs, artists and albums. Might seem like a lot of stuff for one blog but this is ReviewsRUs and if people are like me they just might find a good review something to read and maybe try something new out in their media world.

Thanks for reading my reviews.


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