Anime Review: Familiar of Zero

The Familiar of Zero

This magical school anime has an interesting twist to it. In this the main character, Louise, is a mage who has of yet has had no luck at casting spells.
Her classmates called her the Zero Mage and make fun of her because every time she tries casting spells they explode.

On the day that all second years are expected to either call a familiar or drop out in disgrace Louise casts her spell. There is the expected explosion but to every ones surprise there is a person where the familiar is supposed to be.

Saito is a young man from Japan and he has no clue just what happened to him or even what everyone is saying to him. With all the expected hijinks he finally gets a spell to let him understand the spoke word but not the society he has been dropped in and what his place is.

Humans who are not mages in this world are plebians, basically serfs, so he has two strikes against him. But the mark that formed on his hand when the bond took effect is something only very rarely ever seen.

The anime goes on thru 13 episodes in the first season of this 4 season show. With the expected miscommunication between the sexes and the classes, friendships bloom along with love unexpected. A really nice mix of magic, love story and culture clash. Good for all ages.


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