Anime Reivew: Love Hina

Boy meets lots of girls

Love Hina is the story of a young modern ronin, or unattached student Keitaro, who goes to Tokyo to take his exam to get into the prestigious university of his choice.

As a young boy he made a promise to a young girl to meet her someday at TouDai and things just don’t go as planned.

He fails his entrance exams and has to go to stay at his grandmother’s hotel, the Hinta. He goes there to cover for her as she goes off on a round the world hot spring trip. Little does he know that the Hinta is now a girls only boardinghouse.

After an hysterical meeting of the girls the story romps forward dealing with a lot of the issues a normal teenager would deal with. Love, grades and friendships.

The cast of characters has a lot of the basic personalities you have come to expect with unique twists of their own. With just a hint of the odd with the three monks who spout philosophical comments this series is fun for the teenager and adult alike.


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