Anime Review: My Youth in Arcadia

Captain Harlock, the Legend begins

Captain Harlock, enough said. For the serous fan of 70s anime this is required watching.

Yes the characters are not drawn realistic and the story might be a tad simple for today’s saterated audience but this is a anime classic. A must see, even if it is harder to get.

This is Harloch before he became the space pirate and hero of Earth. The young, idealistic space ship captain of a race that looses the war. Coming back from an almost total defeat to the captain of the ship that will champion the home of our race is a complelling story.

The inspiring Voice of Free Earth is reminisent of the various voices of free warzones we have had in history. She draws our hero back to Earth and into his destiny. The interaction between the lovely doomed Voice and the hero to be is inspiring, uplifting and poignant at the same time.

The kids may find this story not to their liking but they should give it at least one viewing. This is part of anime history and even today the story has something to tell us all.

Watch it, love or hate it but definately watch it.


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