Anime Review: Neon Genesis Evangelion

Giant “angels” are attacking the planet and only a small group of teenagers can control the Evangelions. Giant armored “robots” that they must blend with to fight the angels. It starts out with 3 teens trying to learn to control the evangelions and having to go out to battle with a giant extension cord attached.

The series rolls from battle to battle but the real focus of the story is the under story. Each of the teens have something different about them, tragic family histories from the time that the world changed.

The coming of the First Angel destroyed much of the world and these teens are mankind’s last hope. From those who remember when the Angel first came to earth you learn what exactly happened and as the series goes on you learn that not all things are what they seem.

This is definitely one for the boys. With what look like giant robots the average teen male is gonna love this one. But me being a grown up woman I liked the story and all the twists they threw in. So I say go for it.


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