anime review: Ranma 1/2

Boy becomes girl

This story is funny and touching and a definite watch. One o the most popular anime for a long time, Ranma 1/2 has spawned more fan fiction than almost any other anime out there.

Ranma a 16 year old young man who thanks to his father’s careless and needless drive to make him and man’s man is cursed to become a woman when hit with cold water, can be cruel and shallow yet he can be incredibly loyal and sweet is the hero of the tale.

His battles with his father, who is cursed to turn into a Panda when wet, are fun and furious, Ranma’s ability to fight his way out of all the situations his father gets him into pull this story along. The addition of all the girls who are determined that Ranma will marry them and not his main love interest, Akane adds to the chaos.

I could go into a lot more detail on this story but you should just get the series and watch it. If you don’t you will really miss a fine series full of colorful characters and touching tales.


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