anime review: Sol Bianca

Sexy female space pirates

Now here is a tale the men can get behind. A ship filled with pretty to sexy young women who dress in skimpy costumes when relaxng but who kick butt with the best of them when on the job. Everything a man could want.

The Sol Bianca is an amazing ship that slips in and out of real space and the ladies are out to keep themselves in control of their own destinies. They pick and choose who they steal from and they do their best not to harm anyone more than they have to.

A high class of theives who are really just normal girls under it all with a taste for the pretty. Facing up against other pirates, governments who try to grind people into dust just because they can and other characters who really want to lay their hands on the Sol Bianca the ladies rule the day.

Not for the younger members of the anime audience, I would say go ahead and let your teens watch this one. A little nudity and some violence are all part of the series but it has good themes.


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