anime review: yu yu hakusho

Take a juvenile delinquent, have him pass on by mistake and then be given a second chance. Through a series of adventures he is first introduced to Botan, a spirit guide who rides of all things an oar. As she leads him through a series of adventures he collects a set of friends who help him defend our world from demons and devils.

This series starts out a tad silly like many but through the 200 episodes it gets serious as it goes along. The four main heroes fight many many battles, taking many injuries and saving the day as best they can.

I first saw the movie Poltergeist Report which was one of the special movies made for the theatres. I was hooked on the series from there. I have seen some good dubbing and some bad subbing but I do love this show.

Watch this show from the beginning and plan on being sucked in for a long ride.


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