Anime review: Millennium Actress

This movie from 2001 is at first a lot confusing. It starts out with a documentarian and his camera man going to interview and aged actress. It is quite obvious that Tachibana has been in love with Chiyoko since he was a young man.

In a mix of her actual life and the movies she made in her career the story of how she met an artist just before the war and the key he gave her. Like many young teenagers she falls in love with the mysterious man and makes a promise to give the key back to him somehow.

What makes this movie a little confusing but a lot of fun is that Tachibana and his camera man become a part of the history and films that she uses to tell her story. In fact we find out near the time when she left the acting business that Tachibana in fact had worked with her as a young man.

While she never does find her love, the story is in typical Japanese fashion quite uplifting. Beautiful in the mix of real and movie and the touch of magic that comes from a not quite evil witch this movie has everything you need for a pleasant watch. recommended for those of us who want something sentimental yet magical at the same time.


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