anime review: Vampire Hunter D Bloodlust

This second film with this myerstious character is both beautiful and a bit tragic. There is a undertone of love and wonder in the pairing of the vampire lord and the woman D was hired to bring home.

The art is quite amazing in this movie. D is the perfect tragic hero with long hair, eyes that can trap you and a backstory that is both mysterious and intriguing. Based on the third book of the manga it is what we have come to expect from Japanese takes on western vampires.

At times the soundtrack is over done and the take on a werewolf was really just a bit silly. A quite interesting character that was animated in a way that made my brows go up. The colors are dark but there are parts that just scream art for sure.

The mix of old world tecnology and mythology that makes this more a science fantasy than a traditional horror. The vampire in this movie is noble and loving, his human lover sweet yet determined. You just might come to hope they could be together. Watching him fight his urge to bite her and drink her blood is quite touching.


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