comic book review: Ms Marvel

This is an amazing retake or reimagining of a classic character. I sat down and read through all the issues I could get my hands on and smiled. This young woman, who is of a different race and religion, from the original character has been done with both class and understanding of both what a young woman in high school is going through and the issues of trying to be a good daughter to her parents and to be true to herself. She becomes a hero because she can.

There have been troll comments I have read about Marvel changing this character to a young Muslim woman but that is what made this comic so much fun to read. The genre itself has for decades made us see that heroes can be any race, religion, creed or color. This young hero is very much what any parent would recognize as a normal teenager coming to grips with what makes her different. I applaud Marvel taking the character this way. This was not a retconning of the original character but a passing on of the title in the right way.


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