Documentary review: Superheroes Decoded

This is a two part documentary from the History Channel. Two episodes that are two hours long each, like many of the best documentaries the narration is filled with voices from many parts of the culture. The first night deals with the straight up Legends of the genre. From Superman to Batman to Wonderwoman and Captain America we get them all. We also get a history lesson in both when the heroes first broke into the world view and the ups and downs that this very American genre has had over the nearly one hundred years of publication. From the start each and every hero has something to them that spoke to the people who read the issues.

This documentary shows how the characters evolved and how the artists and writers made sure to stay on top of the changes that really mattered in the world.

The second part dealth with the anti heroes that are so very popular today. From Wolverine to the Punisher and beyond we have a thirst for characters who are not the pure hero and they go into the depths of the creative minds behind those heroes and the impact they have on the young people who really enjoy the genre. You don’t have to be a fan of comic books and comic book heroes to watch this but I believe that those who sneer at the genre really dont understand or see the character growth and the impact this stories have.

I would love to see documentaries like this as a part of required watching in schoo. Becuase, and I do mean this, the who world of genre fiction has helped shape generations of people and it deserves respect. This docu series gives respect to the genre, no matter the quibbles that some reviewers have had.


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