book review: Ancient Futures

I’m gonna review this honestly and what I have to say is it wont be all flowers and nice. It needs some serious work. Flashes of brilliance are surrounded by a lot of sections needing a heavy editing hand in this tale. Gilmar was beautifully written and in parts watching Ramiles grow was very moving but it needs work on pacing, spelling and well..over all feel. I can’t give it more than a three, it really should get two and a half but I will give it three since it is a complete story, if one in need of work. I got through it…which is better than some other stuff I have been handed to read lately. Ir does have good characters and an interesting world. The whole end of days feel to this story is good but we need the pacing to match all the way through. With the revisions done I could see this getting better reviews all around.


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