manga review: Bloody Kiss by Kazuka Furumiya

One of the series of vampire manga that came out in the past few years this one is rather sweet. We have a young girl, Kiyo Katsuragi, who inherits her grandmother’s mansion. She decides to move out of her uncle’s home and live in the mansion where she finds two handsome young men all ready living there.

As the first issue unfolds we find out that they are vampires who used to know her grandmother, who kindly let them live in her home.

Kuroboshi tells Kiyo that he needs her blood and that she should become his bride, the one human who he will only feed of of.

There are some of the usual story tropes for this type of story from the old school friend who wants to reconnect with Kiyo who turns out to be a type of slayer, to the servant/friend who is older than Kuroboshi and is a bit of a leach.

I really enjoyed reading this but I was surprised to find a second version of this tale. It looks to be pretty much the same characters told in a different way.


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