book review: By the Sword by Mercedes Lackey

Okay I have been really busy lately and way behind on my reviews, so I thought why not reread and re-review this classic.

As a long time fan of Mercedes Lackey, I have been reading her work since way back in the early 80s. When she combined two of my favorite story arcs at first I wasn’t sure. I mean of course I adore the Heralds books and Tarma and Kethry are two of the most kicking heroines any lover of chicks with magic and swords could want but should they be combined. In come Kerowyn and the resounding answer then and now is YES.

The depth of detail that is put into this connective book is refreshing. She fully fleshed out Kerowyn and made us all love her. Showing a different view of the mercenary that we rarely got in fiction, Ms Lackey showed us they can be honorable and worth characters. I highly recommend this book.


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