book review: Children of Hamelin

A new take on a very old tale. Told from the view point of two of the children taken by the Piper. They come to be known as the The Thinker and the Explorer, they tell their version of life and it’s meaning after they children are lead away. A strong tale, well told and gripping. I could not like the characters, or like the way they lived their lives and how they viewed the world and the opposite sex. The story telling was gripping enough to keep me reading to the end though I very much disliked both boys/men. Strongly philosophical in feel and misogynistic in tone the tales showed how boys can grow to men even without the influence of their elders. Neither world is truly a place I would want to inhabit but the innocence of the one world and the harsh rules of the other as a natural evolution that could be seen. I would give this 3 1/2 stars, four if I could have found a character that was more likable. This author has a lot to say and the talent to say it. A force to be reconed with as she develops her voice.


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